Hydrogen production

Hydrogen – the substance life is made of

Hydrogen has huge energy potential and is not only found in water. It is a component of many organic and inorganic waste substances and residual materials. Graforce has developed electricity-based plasmalysis methods for producing hydrogen from residual materials in an energy-efficient manner.

We have specialised in three areas that have the highest potential for industrial hydrogen production.


43kWh/kg H2

Water is a very stable compound. Previous electrolysis processes therefore require, on average, 43kWh of energy in order to generate 1 kg of hydrogen from distilled water.

Graforce therefore does not split water molecules, but rather nitrogen and hydrocarbon compounds that are contained in water or other liquids.

Cost: 8,60 Euro/kg

Dirty water/slurry

20kWh/kg H2

Large amounts of nitrogen and hydrocarbons are contained in dirty water, for example in the muddy water from sewage treatment plants or in the slurry of biogas plants. So far, these have had to be cleaned in a complex process.

Graforce generates hydrogen and nitrogen from these original pollutants (e.g., Ammonium (NH4)
hydrogen and nitrogen (NH4)). Only about 20kWh of power are needed to produce
1kg of hydrogen and 4kg of nitrogen gas using the plasmalysis method. Clean water is left behind that can be discharged or used. More »

Cost: 4,00 Euro/kg

Plastic waste

15kWh/kg H2

Every year, many millions of tonnes of plastic waste are generated in Germany, which can only be partially recycled. Many types of plastic (POM, PP, PE, PA) contain hydrocarbon chains, which are converted in the plasmalysis process to 1 kg of hydrogen and 7 kg of elemental carbon using only 15kWh of energy. More »

Cost: 3 Euro/kg

Biogas/natural gas

10kWh/kg H2

In biogas or natural gas, hydrogen is bound to a much lesser extent than, for example, in water. Therefore, just 10kWh of energy is enough to produce 1 kg of hydrogen and 3 kg of elemental carbon from 4 kg of biogas or natural gas. This can then be used to generate emission-free heat and electricity in a hydrogen combined heat and power plant (CHP) or in a fuel cell.

When biogas is broken down, not only is the energy generated CO2-free, but CO2 is also removed from the atmosphere. More »

Cost: 2 Euro/kg

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