Water purification

Cleaning dirty water

Organic compounds in industrial wastewater, slurry or digestate water hold huge energy potential. Dirty water is particularly important for Graforce. For example, large amounts of nitrogen and carbon compounds are contained in the muddy water of a sewage treatment plant or in the slurry of biogas plants.

This nitrogen and carbon load has to be converted, i.e., cleaned, at great expense. When this dirty water undergoes plasmalysis, these so-called pollutants, such as
ammonium (NH4), are split into hydrogen and nitrogen.

Using the Graforce membrane technology, the gases are separated and stored in gas tanks. The hydrogen can then be transported and used directly in the sewage treatment plant in hydrogen CHPs to generate CO2-free electricity and heat.

After plasmalysis, nitrogen and purified water remain, which can be returned to the water cycle and used again as industrial gas.

Operators of sewage treatment or biogas plants thus benefit twice over.

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