H2/natural gas refuelling

If the plasmalyser is combined with a Power2X system, synthetic fuels and combustibles can be produced. This cuts the manufacturing costs in half – while generating a significantly higher yield.

Power2Gas (P2G)

Graforce uses solar or wind power during the plasmalysis of dirty water to generate green hydrogen and climate-neutral, synthetic methane. If a natural gas tank system is connected, the two gases can be mixed there in different ratios.

A natural gas/HCNG is created that can be used in existing technologies and systems, depending on country-specific regulations. This can be used to refuel modern natural gas vehicles, but also to operate CHPs and gas turbines, in order to generate heat and electricity.

This reduces pollutant emissions (CO2, CO, HC) by 20 to 60 percent. Nitrogen oxide emissions are also reduced by up to 60 percent.

Power2Liquid (P2L)

If, in addition to hydrogen, CO2 or CO is also obtained in the plasmalysis process, synthetic, liquid fuels can then be generated in the tried-and-tested Fischer-Tropsch process that make long-distance transport, aviation and shipping, in particular, more climate-friendly, without any adjustments or restrictions.

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